The Misconceptions of Ultimatums

I have been reading from a book called “Leadership Strategies and Tactics FM-02”. It has taught me how to be a good leader and what and what not to do. One of my favorite chapters and one I have been pondering a lot recently is ultimatums. In this book, Jocko Willink says, “Ultimatums are not optimal leadership tools as it is like digging in allowing you no room to maneuver.” I have been pondering this a lot recently as my work supervisor put me on one of these. I felt like I didn’t understand the purpose. I also felt like she didn’t recognize all the things I was doing. In truth, I was not prepared for the conversation and neither was she. Ultimately, this resulted in confusion and many resentful feelings. The fact of the matter is this ultimatum wasn’t well placed or explained. There is a contrast to this with my professors in school. Many of them have an ultimatum or present a restriction of some sort. These limitations not only to exceed our set boundaries but to push the expanse of our mind beyond its borders. We face ultimatums every day without realizing it or understanding it. I challenge you to recognize your ultimatums and learn from them. Once you have done so, tell me what you have learned.