Retrospect Perspective

I have been reminiscing previous movies, books, and tv series I loved as a child. The TV series I have been watching came out when my dad between his teenage and young adult years. It is called Robotech and has many life lessons that were impactful on me. Now reflecting on them, some of them were silly such as procreation happening through kissing. I also learned that emotions and logic seem to clash all the time. I know I hate when the two big decision giants oppose each other. The clash causes failure to communicate feelings and can override logical decisions. Our lives are shaped by the retro as many of our parents and grandparents influence our lives. They hold onto the good and bad experiences of their time to share with their children and grandchildren. I love what I have learned and how I learned it. What I look forward to is how I can shape the future. I hope this brings a retro perspective to my children in the future.