Over the decades, humans have sought to improve upon processes, procedures, policies, religion, and inventions. It is neverending as the human race continues to grow. The question here is, are we taking a step forward or backward? I feel that we are digressing, to a certain extent, as some laws and regulations we have to follow. Some of these laws foster disputes between people. Others allow people to build on other ideas. The culture of late has not been one of nurturing development. An example of this is in the political world where Obama put into place medicare and then trump tore it down. Some companies tear down their future, where others foster new growth. The human race hasn’t been fighting against survival. It now fights for things that we don’t need, lavish luxuries, more wealth, more popularity, etc. I feel that we as a society waste so much when other places have so little. I wish we as a world would work together to end some of the modern-day issues. Unfortunately, this will never happen as people’s egos get in the way; this relates to the Overton window. Everyone has different values, understands, and desires that shape their window. I hope one day there will only be one window. The window would be the common good of mankind.