Overeagerness: a desirable trait

A struggle I have had of late is staying focused while doing work or homework. I have not engaged in these tasks with the same zeal that I had at the beginning of the semester. I feel like I am eating the same meal for lunch almost every other day. Doing this gets old and can cause dissatisfaction and exhaustion. One class that has kept me energized is this class, CS 305G. I find that writing thoughts out and expressing yourself relieves a lot of pressure from the stresses of life. It also provides a challenge mentally. You tend to write about your reflections, concerns, inspirations, anything that can get your mind going. It can be quite refreshing to expel worrisome thoughts and breathe life into new concepts. It can reinvigorate the body and mind with a new desire to complete those tasks and goals. It also provides insight and a new perspective on how to proceed forward. My point is to find something that can refresh you yet challenge you at the same time. Stick to it after you have done so. Doing so will ultimately fulfill your overarching goal.