I find it interesting that our ignorance has a bias. It is unconscious, but it is there. It affects what we do, how we treat people, and even how we see things. It is a huge part of an internal persona that we have. We all have different personas inside us that will pop up every once and a while. I think the biggest challenge is finding our personas, unlocking them, and understanding how they affect us on a daily basis. It is strange as I feel like I discovered one of my personas the other day. I keep him hidden as he is considered my broken persona. He came out the other day when I was listening to a song from the play, “Dear Evan Hansen”, called “Words Fail”. In this song, he talks about how he personified ideas in his life and how those personas failed. He looked back and he felt like he saw a broken person, but at the same time, he realized he was something more. I have been breaking through to understand my personas. I challenge you to do so and hopefully, our society will become better for it.