Active Mutiny or Grateful Service

My last couple of posts are all stemming from the same inspiration, Jocko Willink. Jocko was a navy seal who fought in the battle of Ramadi, Iraq. He learned lots of leadership lessons there and poured it into multiple books on leadership. He has two chapters in “Leadership Strategies and Tactics FM-02” that talk about the two extremes of leadership. One is selfish; the other one is selfless. The dichotomy of each of these leaders is prevalent in his book. The greedy and self-centered leader will treat his men as lesser than him. He cares not for their need only to satisfy his. On the other hand, the charitable and generous leader will go below his troops and do the dirty work. He cares for their needs and is aware of their concerns. These leaders lead their troops to do one of the following things: mutiny or service. To expand on that, A corrupt leader inspires active revolt, while a great leader inspires grateful service. Jocko points out that we see this everywhere. While corruption is prevalent in the world, we can make a change for the better. Choose how you will lead your life.