What a story! I have been stuck listening to “Ready Player One” for the last day. I didn’t realize how much it would enthrall me in the complexity and deep character development. It makes me think of many of my writing projects that have fallen by the way. Mainly because I haven’t spent the time developing it and deepening the worlds I want to create. I love the fact that many of the worlds I love and cherish are in this book. The most obscure reference is Robotech. I love that series! I watched it as a kid and it taught me so much. I am amazed at all the other series that I love that are involved as well. Spending time to develop what you love is something I want to do more often. I don’t want to do it like James Halliday. I want to do it with my relationships and friendships intact, so just like Wade, we can all celebrate my success together.